44 Decades & 300 Trifecta

There was a lot of mumbblechatter from @f3coldcuts on EHing for the Foxbury AO but #Outpost seems to be the favorite with all those soccer and baseball fields.  Little did I know this would be a double Q this week for @f3crabgrass since someone fartsacked earlier this week on their own Q.  This was the start of the HL 300 Challenge on getting 300 new FNG’s in the month of June/July so I thought I would bring a little 300 fun to the mix.  3 brave souls made it out to the EC run while we had 15 PAX with 2 FNG’s welcome Erin Brockovich & Alfred E. Newman.


Front Lunge Twist IC “11”

Goofball IC “13”

Sprinkler IC “15”

Grass Grabbers IC “12”

Smurf Jacks IC “13”

Thang 1: – Since I have been forgetting my age we will call this “Decades”44

44 – SSH – Burpees – Squats

34 – SSH – Burpees – Squats – We deleted this decade since the first 44 sucked…..

24- SSH – Burpees – Squats

14 – SSH – Burpees- Squats

4- SSH – Burpees – Squats

Thang 2:- Partner Up in “3’s” The 300!

300 – Overhead Presses, Curls, Merkins

PAX 1 – Starts with Overhead Presses

PAX 2 – Motivates PAX 1 while doing Big Boy Situps

PAX 3- Runs across the parking lot and back


Partner Throwdown: 20 Each



2 New FNG’s were named and thoughts and chatter were had.  Prayers went out to the group for those who are needing our prayers.


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