Frontier 400

Welcome back race fans to Frontier Park!  Those that attend regularly know that we at Frontier run in all kinds of weather and Saturday was no exception to that rule.

As a creature of habit, I checked the weather the night before calling the races.  45% chance of rain, pshhh that’s nothing I thought as I slowly dozed off.  Nothing to report as I left my house for the EC run either, just a gloomy morning perfect for some EC intervals!

As I drove closer to the park things changed and the windshield wipers were reluctantly engaged as I pulled closer the parking lot.  45% chance of rain, hmmm it’ll probably blow over.

Fudd, @@, and the soon to be named Pinto joined this announcer for some 400 meter splits to test out the race course.  After a few laps we were thoroughly soaked and yours truly left the group to make some modifications to the planned workout.  Kudos to the HIMs for putting in a few more miles.  At this point let’s jump into cliff notes for those interested.


Frontier 400

Cliff Notes:

When: June 9th, 2018 7am (60ish degrees)

The PAX 10: Elmer Fudd, Snart, @@, Precious Moments, Aloe Vera, Mater, Chubbs, FNG-Pinto, Swingline, Seabiscuit (Q)

Warm up:

10 Good mornings (nice and slow)

20 Arm circles

20 SSHs

Thang 1:

400m run

50 Burpees

400m run

50 Merkins

400m run

50 Dips

400m run

50 Pull ups

400m run


20 min Tabata routine- 20 sec on /10 sec off 4 min per excersize

Heels to sky

X factors

Alternating noodle




We thanked the Lord for bringing us together in the rain giving us the courage and drive to make ourselves better and we also asked that we improve not just physically, but as husbands and fathers as well.  Prayers Cold Cut’s sister and cousin’s daughter, Capt.’s mother, and all our family and friends in need of His care.


Final Review:

I’d just like to say every man stepped up and didn’t shy away from the pouring rain.  While we did our best to stay covered, every lap meant charging into the downpour.  There was no pause when it came time for the pull ups, just a solid effort until the job was done.  Great push from beginning to end!





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